• Free Flash Animation Lecture!

    There is a great free online lecture on the subject of Flash for Animators this weekend.

    It will be taught by Sam Hood who is currently a storyboard artist at Pixar.

    Sam was also a flash animator for various studios

    Check it out here: Sign up soon because its filling up quick.


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  • Animate what makes you happy!

    I wanted to plug a really cool online summer program that the Art Connection Academy is doing. Its a 9 week intensive in which students will learn from some of the best teachers in Story, Art and Animation. The objective is to animate a thing, or moment that makes you happy. It will be put to a piece of music. The idea is to make a 24 second film. The inspiration for doing this came from Pharrell Williams song “Happy” where people did their own videos of his song. Here is that site called 24 hours of happy. In regards to what we are doing, its the idea of animating something that has a core idea. The students goes through the entire production process using the software of their choice.  I’m excited about the idea of having students make films. This is the first animation offering from the Art Connection Academy which was previously “The Art Department” The class will take place in an online space, meeting twice a week for 3 hours per session. (6 hours plus a week) .

    Take a look at the class here. We hope a few will sign up.


  • Presto

    People have always asked what our Proprietary software is like at Pixar. He is a clip showing a bit of what it looks like.


  • Rhythm and Hues Doc

    This is an eye opening documentary about how unfair the VFX industry is and what happened at R and H. check it out…



  • Animation Tips republished


    Many months back during Monsters U, I did an article for 3d world magazine with Rob Denovan, an animator at Pixar. Here is a link to some of the tips.

    Take em or leave em. As we all know, it can’t hurt to make lists…:)

    Thank you to Rob for helping me with this.




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