• Masterclass with Co Director of Inside Out!

    Hi Guys

    I usually don’t promote classes on this site but there is a very unique opportunity to learn from, in my opinion, the best Story guy in the Biz .This is honestly a once in a longtime opportunity. If we don’t get enough students we will not be doing the class and that will be a bummer. A portion of the proceeds will go to support a charity or scholarship for learning.

    When September 26th and 27th 2015

    Where: Natural History Museum:

    Info: http://www.vanarts.com/masterclass/animation/london/


  • Coming Soon

    Ill be planning to do a Animator Round Table for Inside Out. Please show your support in the comments section if this is something you want! If you have not already had the chance to see the film, check it out.



  • Anime Studio

    Back in the day I discovered a really cool hobbyist 2d animation program called moho. I loved it. Little did I know that program grew up along time ago and is called Anime Studio Pro. They also have beginner and students version called anime studio debut which has fewer features. Even at 299, Anime Studio Pro is a bargain. It really is a powerful tool. The new version supports many new features such as custom brushes, photoshop layered imports, frame by frame animation and much more. What I love about this program is that it has full featured inverse kinematics. You can rig your 2d creations and move them around much like you would in a 3d program. This is one of the reasons I think this program is a great tool for animators learning 2d, transitioning into 3d. They also have a robust growing library of characters and drops to animate.  I would be implementing this software into  my curriculum, if I were running an animation program with 2d and 3d. The software goes very deep in what you can do with camera controls, particle systems, layers etc etc. I highly suggest this piece of software for the professional or the beginning animator. Check it out


    Here is one of the pieces I liked that makes use of customer brushes…




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  • A couple cool links

    Wanted to pass along a couple of cool links. One is an amazing trailer Sergio Pablos did. Great stuff Sergio!


    plus and interview:


    Also of note is a really cool looking VR short former colleague Ramiro is doing over at Occulus Pix…uhh… Rift


    looks really great guys



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  • Brad Bird Podcast

    A while back I did a podcast with Brad Bird in the Lucky 7 lounge….On the day of his new film Tomorrowland opening, The Bancroft Brothers, interviewed him here.

    These guys are putting on a cool event in nashville by the way.

    Have a listen to the new Podcast:


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